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Listen Toward the Ground (Albuquerque) for ISEA2012 – Video Documentation from Jeremiah Moore on Vimeo.

This video documents sound artwork "Listen Toward the Ground" by Jeremiah Moore, which was exhibited at 516Arts as part of ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness.

Listen Toward the Ground is a site-specific composed soundscape work, designed for listening to while walking. Using headphones and a voice-guided tour format, it superimposes the soundscape of oilfield infrastructure onto the soundscape of downtown albuquerque.

Thus, the usually unseen and unheard landscape of energy extraction is brought into parallel with the daily world in which we live our lives.

The work can be experienced directly on- or off-site by visiting

As the artistic intention is to bring together the sound inside the headphones and the sound of the world as the participants walk through it, the sound in this video consists of the program audio, overlaid with audio recorded during the video shoot of the walk.

Headphones or quality speakers recommended.

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Welcome –

Here is the audio for Listen Toward the Ground, a composed soundscape work designed for listening to while walking.

It’s a voice-guided soundscape tour of the mechanical wilderness of the oilfields of northwest New Mexico, superimposed on the alleyways of downtown Albuquerque.

Listen Toward the Ground was created by Jeremiah Lyman Moore.

Start at the North East corner of 6th and Central, Albuquerque New Mexico, on the corner where the Sushi restaurant is. Then press play.

The walk lasts 13 minutes 27 seconds.

Tech note: There is a direct mp3 link, and a soundcloud player. In testing, the direct link seemed to work best for iPhone and Android. On Android, depending on configuration, the audio may play in “Streaming Media Player.”

Location note: Though created for Albuquerque, the piece can be experienced anywhere. If possible, listen while walking.


Direct mp3 Link (mobile users try this)

Walking Map – Downtown Albuquerque

Walking Map for Listen Toward the Ground ABQ

Music Credit: Group improvisation by Max Bernstein, Mark McCoin, Jeremiah Moore, Bruce Odland,

Listen Toward the Ground was created by Jeremiah Lyman Moore for ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness.

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Hello compatriots, fellow listeners and inhabitants of earth –

This Sunday afternoon, Bay Area Sound Ecology is holding a soundwalk at Land’s End, hosted by Jeremiah Moore.

Come join if you can for a social listening experience – walking into the wildlands off the corner of the city. Shipwrecks, rocky cliffs and forest glens. This is a mildly strenuous short hike involving singletrack trail, stairs and beach. You may wish to bring a snack and some water.

It may be windy, and the wind may be cold. Much of the trail is sheltered, but some is quite exposed. Dressing in layers is recommended.

Sunday April 22, 2012
Meet at 3:30 pm, departing promptly at 3:45pm.
expected duration about 2 hours.

Meet at the Lands End Eagle’s Point trailhead. This is at the EASTERN end of Lincoln Park, right on El Camino Del Mar, just into the park from Seacliff and China Beach. (NOT at the end near Sutro Baths / Seal Rocks.)

Facebook Event:


By Public Transportation:
Take the 38 Geary to 32nd Ave. Walk north to California, and then cut west to Lincoln Park. There’s a nice trail here behind trees from the golf course, behind the school. It drops you right at the trailhead shortly. Also served by the 18 / 46th ave.

There appears to be ample parking along El Camino Del Mar. Should parking be difficult on the day, we’ll hold the start time for a few minutes to accomodate.

The trail includes stairs and some steep and rocky sections.

Kids welcome provided they understand it will be a (mostly) non-talking walk.

hope to see you there!


lands end labyrinth


This coming Monday evening, BASE will be holding a free soundwalk hosted by Andrea Williams and Jeremiah Moore, in the urban forests of Mount Sutro in San Francisco.

[facebook event page here ]

Monday, July 18th 2011
meet at 6:30pm
walk departing promptly at 6:40pm
ending at approximately 8:30pm

(July 18th is World Listening Day, and the birthday of composer R. Murray Schafer)

Meeting point is the intersection of Parnassus and Medical Center Way.  We will meet at 6:30 and depart promptly at 6:40.

Andrea will be holding a RED BALLOON.

This is a mildly strenuous 2-ish mile hike involving singletrack trail and a few stairs. You may wish to bring a snack and some water.  The walk will not be wheelchair accessible.


Getting There
Here is a google maps link.

The starting point is on the eastern edge of the University of California San Francisco medical school campus, on Parnassus Ave.  We’ll meet on the corner of Parnassus and Medical Center Way.  Medical Center Way is the small street which curves away behind the main UCSF campus.

By Car:
The walk will exit Sutro Forest at 17th Street and Stanyan.  If you drive, you may want to look for parking in that area.
There is UCSF parking in the Millberry Union Public Garage at 500 Parnassus Avenue.  For the 2+ hours of the soundwalk, parking there will cost you $10.50.

By public transit:
Take the N streetcar to Hilway Ave, right at the Medical School (transfer from BART at any market street station) and walk one block up to Parnassus and Hilway.  Walk a few hundred feet east. Alternately take Muni bus route 6-Parnassus which drops you off right at the corner of Parnassus and Hilway.  Again, walk a few hundred feet east.

Update:  The soundwalk was a great success.  We will be posting a reportage.

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