Bay Area Sound Ecology is an interdisciplinary forum centered around listening and the soundscape.  We create projects and events to promote sound-environment awareness, making and encouraging opportunities for ear-opening sonic encounters.

BASE is the Northern California chapter of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE), a member organization of the World Forum on Acoustic Ecology.


BASEbot Listening Salon

The first and founding meeting of Bay Area Sound Ecology (BASE)BASEbot is a meeting place for ear-minded people. The first public project of Bay Area Sound Ecology, it is an experiment in bringing people together around listening and the soundscape. At each event we invite someone to present their work with sound in front of an audience in an intimate setting. We discuss, we talk shop, we meet one another. Our plans always include some “open floor” time during which attendees can share short excerpts of work.

All events to date are listed in the BASEbot Archive

Sound recordings of presentations to-date are collected in the BASEbot Podcast Page

How to Join In

We draw audience and membership from a broad group – acousticians, sound designers, radio producers, composers, musicians, bioacousticians, and other humans who listen.


BASE membership is via the American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE).

The standard calendar year membership rate is $50. We also offer an artist/senior/student/limited income option of paying what you can, between $30 and $49. ASAE membership benefits include:

  1. Subscription to Soundscape – The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, WFAE’s annual journal.
  2. Quarterly online WFAE newsletter.
  3. Reduced admission to WFAE and ASAE-sponsored conferences and events.

Join or renew here.


  • BASEbot – Listening salon series
  • Podcast – Recordings of BASE listening events, radio programs and the like


BASE is the Northern California chapter of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE), part of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE).

Affiliated Organizations:

  • WFAE – World Forum for Acoustic Ecology – global umbrella organization
  • ASAE – American Society for Acoustic Ecology, the United States WFAE chapter
  • NYSAE – New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, New York City
  • MWSAE – Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, Chicago Ill.
  • SWSAE – Southwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, Phoenix AZ
  • ColoSAE – Colorado Society for Acoustic Ecology
  • NEFAE – New England Forum for Acoustic Ecology
  • PNWAE – Pacific Northwest Acoustic Ecology (facebook link)
  • SCSE – Southern California Sound Ecology

In addition, there are many international organizations which you can discover through the WFAE link above.


the organizers:

Jeremiah Moore jmoore@northstation.net co-chair pro tem
Aaron Ximm aaron.ximm@gmail.com co-chair pro tem

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